Video analytics in retail

By | 31.07.2017

Video analytics is a technology which uses computer vision methods to automatically obtain various data from video cameras in real time.

Video analytics is simply indispensable for companies engaged in retail.

The use of advanced technologies to calculate the amounts of visitors based on video analytics, tracking and monitoring will surely lead to increased sales and faster and better interaction with consumers.

The algorithms developed in “PAWLIN Technologies” company allow to recognize faces, determine gender, age and even the visitors mood. You can track the visitors movement through the shop and identify the objects that are most attractive.

Together, all of this can find its application in the retail field and be useful for:

  • determining the best places for certain types of goods;
  • collecting customer statistics;
  • evaluating the length of queue at the checkout;
  • planning the location of advertising stands in most attractive places;
  • targeting advertising on a specific consumer;
  • identifying “problem” consumers;
  • counteracting terrorism by tracking “forgotten” things.

All of these leads to increased profits.