UAV detection complex

By | 20.04.2018

“PAWLIN Technologies” LLC together with the partner “SVT” performed an initiative development of hardware and software complex for detection and classification of dynamic and static objects.

The purpose of that system is detection of aircraft moving against the sky to warn about unauthorized aerial photography and possible attack on ground and above-water objects. The system is able to distinguish UAVs from other objects in the sky. Robotic rotary platform helps to aim the camera with a telephoto lens and obtain enlarged images of potential target, which are automatically recognized using AI methods. Specialized algorithms allow to estimate the level of similarity of an object to an UAV according to its size, speed and trajectory, then the system notifies the operator about the detection and makes a record in the log.

Today the model of the product in portable variant is being already used, providing the following characteristics:

  • detecting dynamic objects with a size (body length or wing span) from 0.5 m to 1.5 m within up to 500 m;
  • simultaneous tracking several objects in the field of view with sequential output of enlarged image on the operator’s screen;
  • formation of sound and graphic alerts at the detection moment;
  • registration of the fact of detection and recording object movement parameters;
  • automatic binding sensors to stationary objects (structures, landscape elements, etc.) located near using technical vision methods (point reference matching, autocorrelation);
  • classification of detected objects based on natural or technogenic origin;
  • searching for distant objects using moving sensor in the field of view scanning mode (in case of absence of objects in the near zone).

Figure 1 – Example of a graphical output of the software part of the system while tracking. On that video frame made using static camera the size of a target is about 4 pixels. In the upper right corner is an image made using camera with telephoto lens. The distance from the target os 500 m

Figure 2 — Enlarged image of a UAV made using camera with telephoto lens automatically aimed at the target

Features of the developed complex:

  • wide possibilities of modificating the software components;
  • integration of various technical solutions

Advantages over radar technologies:

  • stealth capabilities (nothing radiates outwards);
  • the possibility of detection and tracking radio-transparent targets: UAVs made of light materials, foam plastic, carbon fiber, small sized, in case of using stealth technologies, etc.;
  • small dimensions;
  • low power consumption (car batteries);

During the development process the prospects for calculating global and relative coordinates of detected objects, integration with radio suppression solutions, creating a structure with multiple observation points and a number of other development options were also considered.