Automatic processing of remote sounding data

To regulate the greenery of different areas and improve the level of comfort of these areas our “PAWLIN Technologies” company proposes solutions based on automatic processing of remote earth sounding data using drones and satellites. Main goals: Creating digital 3D relief and terrain models excluding greenery but including technogenic and natural objects (water, power line pillars, wires, buildings,… Читать далее »

Automatic neoplasms detection in mammograms

High people morbidity is a problem for most regions. Moreover, some diseases that need early diagnostics can be discovered too late. Thereby, the government considers introducing of mass screening system (installing plenty of X-ray machines) to provide regular examination for as much percentage of population as possible. But there is another problem: a lack of qualified medical personnel… Читать далее »

Identifying algorithm for Markov network parameters

To solve the problems with forecasting of plane crashes periodicity Markov networks can be used. Recent researches made in different fields (from psychology to diagnostics and forecasting in complex technical systems) show that such models can be adapted to solve a wide range of technical (engineering) problems. Terminologically using Markov networks can be considered as an analog of… Читать далее »

Defects detection on bottles

Defects detection on bottles is one of “PAWLIN Technologies” projects which is under preliminary research for one european organization. There was developed an experimental sample for detecting such defects as spots, cracks, etc. While creating training sample the bottle is photographed opposite light sources. Training mode is intended to create a signature of a reference object (without defects)… Читать далее »

Scientific and technical results of work at the first stage of ASR (applied scientific research)

While completing the work at the first stage of applied scientific research on the topic “Development of neural network system for forecasting air accidents and for safety risks management based on retrospective data including variety of parameters and text descriptions of events” the following results were obtained: There was carried out an analytical review of modern scientific and… Читать далее »

Scientific and technical results of work at the first stage of ASREX (applied scientific research and experimental development)

While completing the work at the first stage of applied scientific research on the topic “Development of intelligent algorithms for detecting network threats in cloud computing environment and protective methods against them, based on traffic dynamics analysis and determination of deviations in user behavior” the following results were obtained: An analytical review of modern scientific and technical, normative,… Читать далее »

Determination and recognition of road traffic condition using drones

In 2014-2017 “PAWLIN Technologies” successfully completed a research project “Developing of intellectual algorithms to detect and recognize road traffic condition for patrol drone systems using GLONASS” As a result of this project we developed methods that allow to recognize and analyse: road zone single vehicles (moving or standing) moving speed of single vehicles and traffic sorts of road… Читать далее »

Hacker attacks on cloud services

Nowadays, nobody surprised by news about another hackers attempt to break into databases, bank accounts and other confidential information. All of this has already become habitual and ordinary. Services that prevent and investigate cybercrime, usually find out the causes of break-ins and its technology very quickly, but capturing the criminals and prevention of following attacks are at a… Читать далее »

DDoS attacks

DDoS is a hacker intervention into another computing system, website or service with the aim to cause its malfunction. Such type of attack is enough popular nowadays, because in most cases hackers remain unpunished. This attack is made with use of many hacker systems and paralyzes its target using virus applications working in standby mode or special software.… Читать далее »