“PAWLIN Technologies” LLC is a transnational IT-company, our main activity is development and research in artificial intelligence (AI) systems and neural network technologies. The company was founded in 2005 by a group of specialist, who wished to combine their scientific activity and ideas with experience in IT. We are creating a new field — “perspective development”: using scientific research, including our own, to solve complex and non-standard business problems.

We are happy to see how neural technologies and AI systems become more widespread, and we are sure that the future is behind them.

Nowadays, the company is actively working on developing various software neural network solutions in such fields as identification (3D-portrait or PC user behavior), solutions for drone navigation (recognition, analysis and monitoring of the road zone: detection individual standing and movingvehicles, definition the speed of the traffic flow and vehicles, the snowiness of the road, vehicle tracking, etc.), defectoscopy of industrial products, image processing and image quality improvement, statistical forecasting, medicine — position verification patient, breath control for radiotherapy complex, detection of anomalies on mammograms and acceleration of mathematical calculations.

Also we continue researches in other fields of neural technologies application, such as creating learning games and developing application systems for energy saving or aviation.

Our history

The idea of founding “PAWLIN Technologies” company originated in 2003. The presence of experience in science and business,  as well as sincere interest in innovative projects, also in the field of neural technologies and AI systems, was a good reason for initiating of systematic preparation and then — the foundation of the company in 2005.

We were inspired by the achievements of japanese, american and european  companies which already began to engage in similar activities, as well as:

    • the degree of readiness of scientific theory and the availability of technologies that allow us to use the scientific fields we interested in to solve actual business problems;
    • the readiness of the market to such systems and technologies;
  • temporary presence of unoccupied positions in the market.

Now international market for AI systems is similar to software market in 80’s. Unlike the current, almost fully occupied and divided software market, AI systems market will reach the similar level in only 10-20 years. Some successful software companies that started their business in the 80’s, literally, in “garages”, became multi-billion corporations in the late 90’s. We have no doubt that many companies, that are now engaged in science intensive technologies, are waiting for such a fate. The most important thing for success are interesting ideas, strong team and favorable market conditions.

“PAWLIN Technologies” LLC has experience in solving problems in the following application fields:

    • Automatic building digital 3D models of surface objects and earth surface based on laser scanning data, including creation of height maps, identification of roofs, allocation of extended objects (power lines) surrounded by vegetation;
    • Photorealistic 3D reconstruction of buildings and reliefs using panoramic optical stereo shooting;
    • Detection and recognition of human faces, logos. Detection of strange objects on X-ray images in flaw detection problems. To implement these projects, the original technology of detection and recognition of arbitrary objects and frames in video stream and photos is used, invariantly to scale, rotation angle, position and moderate brightness-color distortions;
    • Improving the image quality (including images obtained using mobile devices) — smoothing the noise while saving the border sharpness, removing blur and blurring, aligning the illumination. Enhancement of image resolution (super resolution);
    • Developing autonomous household robots with intelligent onboard control system;
    • Developing server applications. Implementation of intelligent resource intensive algorithms in cloud and other scalable server applications. Acceleration of the implementation of labour intensive algorithms in cloud environment;
    • Developing mobile cross-platform applications. Transferring intelligent algorithms to mobile platforms. Access to cloud and scalable resource intensive services using mobile applications. Less resource intensive algorithms are transferred to mobile platform, and more resource intensive  — to server platform;
    • Developments in the field of computer vision algorithms and data analysis for unmanned air vehicles (UAV). In particular, the development of monitoring system for road situations and autonomous landing system for UAVs.
    • Development of the system for recognizing objects on radar images;
  • Development of the system for recognizing and tracking UAV in video.