Solution of non-standard tasks in robotics

By | 15.07.2017

While designing devices, periodically there arise problems that are difficult to solve using simple deterministic algorithm.

Together with our Partners, “MIRP — Intelligent Systems” LLC, which implement  the development of intelligent robotics, we can offer the solution of the following non-standard tasks:

  • your device\gadget should “see” certain items or recognize people and react to them;
  • it is necessary to determine the position of a device using set of sensors;
  • it is necessary to recognize the events occurring around the device (pushes, movements, conversation, etc.)
  • it is necessary to operate the electric motor or servo to perform a specific behavior (travel through the trajectory, smooth slow down, control of the reverse pendulum, etc.)
  • there is need in flying robot;
  • etc.

We have neural network and other computer vision and intelligent data processing algorithms, executed on arm-processors. For complex tasks we can propose acceleration on mobile graphic processors using OpenCL technology. We can quickly prototype an intelligent gadget using small-scale systems, such as RaspberryPi, Wandboard (IMX6), NVIDIA Tegra. For RaspberryPi we have the experience in manufacturing custom options, that complement the system with necessary peripheral functionality. We have experience in managing electrical equipment, in particular,we developed a system to monitor the operation of ATMOS pellet boiler, which protects it from pellet overflow and optimizes feeding cycle to improve efficiency. We also have experience in working with GPS/GLONASS and GSM (notifiers, trackers, remote control) and radio control based on FUTABA S-bus compatible receivers/transmitters.