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DDoS attacks

DDoS is a hacker intervention into another computing system, website or service with the aim to cause its malfunction. Such type of attack is enough popular nowadays, because in most cases hackers remain unpunished. This attack is made with use of many hacker systems and paralyzes its target using virus applications working in standby mode or special software.… Read more »

Development of a neural network system for air accidents forecasting

Development of a neural network system for air accidents forecasting and safety risks management based on retrospective data including many parameters and text event descriptions. Goals: Developing a method of applying deep neural networks for effectively solving problems of constructing multidimensional dynamic event models and forecasting the probability of events occurrence, characterized by parameters vector and text descriptions… Read more »

Aviation IT-Forum of Russia and CIS — 2017

From December 6th to 8th, 2017 the III International “Aviation IT Forum of Russia and CIS — 2017” took place in Moscow — a major international venue in Russia and CIS countries on experience exchange, presentation of the latest IT solutions in aviation industry. The aim was a comprehensive discussion of present relevant issues in the field of… Read more »

Artificial intelligence and digital economy

From December 4th to 5th, 2017 First International Scientific and Practical Conference “Step into the Future: Artificial intelligence and Digital Economy” was held at the Moscow State University of Management, within its framework took place the exhibition of leading developing companies in the field of artificial intelligence: CoBrain, iRavlov, IQmen, Adeptic and other companies. The conference was organized… Read more »

Developing information security system in the cloud environment

Developing algorithms and software solutions for detecting network attacks and protecting in cloud computing systems based on intellectual analysis of user behavior and ultra high-volume traffic patterns. Keywords network attacks, DDOS, information security, network threat detection, cloud computing, cloud data protection, threats data model, network traffic analysis, data networks, Markov networks, pattern recognition, machine learning, self-learning, data analysis… Read more »

3D printing

In our age of breakthrough technologies you can easily realize your ideas! If you need prototyping, we can help you realize your dreams and print a prototype based on a virtual 3D model on Picaso printer from ABS plastic and eco-friendly PLA plastic. Large printing area — Max working area is 200x200x210 mm and high quality — Min… Read more »

Solution of non-standard tasks in robotics

While designing devices, periodically there arise problems that are difficult to solve using simple deterministic algorithm. Together with our Partners, “MIRP — Intelligent Systems” LLC, which implement  the development of intelligent robotics, we can offer the solution of the following non-standard tasks: your device\gadget should “see” certain items or recognize people and react to them; it is necessary… Read more »

Recognizing objects in images

For a long time “PAWLIN Technologies” company develops algorithms and software for automatic selection of objects in images using a number of computer vision and pattern recognition methods for russian and foreign customers. Goal Automate the process of manual selection of specified classes in the image to provide the customers products with a new functionality or to increase… Read more »

Data analysis

“PAWLIN Technologies” company implements a number of projects for local and foreign customers in the field of intellectual analysis of accumulated historical data on the work of enterprises in order to build forecasting and scoring models. Goal Use available historical observation data to automatically generate a computer model using machine learning methods, that can help to forecast certain… Read more »

Automatic image tagging using neural networks

The new project of the company is automatic tagging of stylized drawings for a famous photo shoot. At the moment, most of open-access solutions easily cope with the task of finding a person in a photo. But if we speak about a schematic or stylized drawing, there appears a problem with automatic objects recognition in the image.The less… Read more »